Welcome to the Ending Youth Violence blog!

This blog was created following an event that happened on Tuesday 21st February 2012 in relation to tackling gang and youth violence in Nottingham, called the New Vanguard Event. It was created to share information on resources, funding and strategy documents, as well as to enable virtual networking for organisations with similar or related aims and objectives.

Please note, this blog is maintained by Bright Ideas Nottingham and so cannot be used for direct dialogue with the Vanguard Plus team. If you want to contact Vanguard Plus directly, visit the ‘Contact Vanguard Plus’ page by clicking here where you will find a direct email address.

Click here to read Nottingham City’s Ending Gang and Youth Violence Strategy.

To find out more about what The New Vanguard Event was, click here to go to the ‘About’ page.

Didn’t attend the event or want a recap on what was discussed / suggested? Click here.

To see information and opportunities regarding working together to tackle gang and youth violence in Nottingham, click here to visit the Blog.

Want to leave feedback and suggestions about how groups and services in the community and voluntary sector can work better together on tackling gang and youth violence in Nottingham? Click here to visit the ‘Feedback’ page.

Are you working on a project to tackle gang and youth violence in Nottingham? Does your organisation aim to help young people who have been / are currently / are at risk of becoming involved in gang and youth violence in Nottingham? Join the ‘Vanguard Plus Network’ !

Finally, you’ll find some of the pictures of the event on The New Vanguard Event page or you can click here to see the full gallery- if prompted, the password is ‘vanguard’. All photographs are provided by Toby Neal Photography and, should you wish to use them for any purpose, full acknowledgement must be given.

If you have any problems using this blog, email events@brightideasnottingham.co.uk or, if you would like to receive an email notification each time new information is added to this blog, click the grey ‘Follow’ box in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and add your email address!

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